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Welcome to The Ones Who Walk project site. I am a 2018 AT thru-hiker gathering stories along the way. 

Harpers Ferry, W. VA - Duncannon, PA. [Mile 1,024 - 1,149]

Harpers Ferry, W. VA - Duncannon, PA. [Mile 1,024 - 1,149]

I’m staying at the Doyle Hotel. Outside a sign (branded by Coors Beer) boasts ‘Celebrating over 100 years of business!’  

It shows.  

Despite the chipping paint, chunks missing from the ceiling and the questionable odor in the front room — this place is an institution on the AT.

Hikers have a unique set of standards.  



June 22

Harpers Ferry, W. VA to Rocky Run Shelter [16 miles]

Hiking out today was difficult. This morning I left Sadie with my parents. I won’t see them until I’ve submitted Katahdin and returned home. This brings the end of the trail into perspective for the first time. We’ve passed the psychological halfway point now and having to leave Sadie only makes the transition to the second half more difficult.

I’m glad to have a group of hiking friends. Hiking out alone today would have been a bad choice for my state of mind. 

I know that I made the best decision for Sadie and for this hike. Though missing her is going to be the most difficult emotional and mental aspect of the next 1,267 miles...I feel good, deep down. My pack is lighter, I have less to worry about. I am more free to push long miles and keep a momentum for this hike. 

Rain all day but I prefer it to the heat & humidity. 

June 23 Rocky Run Shelter to Raven Rock Shelter [20 mile day]

No entry

June 24Raven Rock Shelter to Deer Lick Shelter [10 mile day]

Last night it rained. I was camped on a designated tent pad next to the shelter. The tent pad flooded shortly into the rain storm. Water pooled around the tent and began to seep beneath my ground pad and the tent floor. It was already almost 9 o’clock but I had to get out of my tent and move to a drier spot.

I decided to leave all my things inside the tent and pick it up for a quick move off the pad. While I moved the tent, my water bottle. (Inside the tent) leaked. I hadn’t screwed on the lid tightly enough. 

This is camping. It was a tough night and I didn’t sleep well. 

Today we hiked into Waynesboro, PA for a HIHO (Hike In Hike Out). Hitched a ride from the trail and ate breakfast at Sheetz. Resupply at Walmart and lunch / beers / watch World Cup soccer games at Applebees.

Despite the town stop and coffee I felt exhausted all day. I struggled to make it to the shelter, only four miles from the road. We stopped early for rain. Grateful for the sleep.

Our group takes up the entire shelter, which is a nice feeling. The company, conversations and laughter has been such a good thing for me since leaving Sadie behind. 

June 25
Deer Lick Shelter to Quarry Gap Shelter [15 miles]

Today was a wonderfully relaxed day. we only had to hike 15 miles. After five we stopped at Chimmney Cliffs, and another five we stopped for lunch at a shelter junction. Part way into the last section we stopped at Timbers, a hiker-friendly restaurant. I got a shake and packed out a cheeseburger. Afterwards I felt lethargic and full, heavy and tired.

I’ve felt that way for a few days. I feel like at any point I can lay down to take a nap. I’m exhausted all day. Not sure what is the cause. Lack of calories? I’m not hungry at night even though I know my body needs these calories. I feel out of rhythm.

Worried about the recording project.  Haven’t recorded a conversation in awhile.

Right now I hear a conversation at the tables that would be nice to record but I don’t have the energy and its too late if I’m not there. Where is the next inspiration for this project?

June 26

Quarry Gap to campspots before James Fry Shelter [24 miles]

I slept so well last night. I finally felt good while hiking. 24 miles today at my longest day yet on the trail.

Camp was crowded. Bluegrass, Monk, Yoti and Sol showed up in addition to the trail family. I notice that I am hiding in the safety and familiarity of the trail family. The other day Bru asked me if this group was good for my project. It’s not. I’ve lost interest, and motivation.

I received an email today that the Wake Forest Alumni magazine wants to speak to me about my project. Perhaps that will be the motivation I desire.

June 27ames Fry Shelter to Boiling Springs, PA. [12 miles]

Stayed in town to miss the rain. Seems silly since we’ll be in Duncannon in a couple days, but I’m happy to not have a wet tent.  

The trail goes right through the middle of historic Boiling Springs.

Hiking into town we walked through corn fields and farmland. It makes me think of parts of the Mountains to Sea trail across North Carolina. Perhaps that is the next trail for me, and for this recording project.

Duncannon, PA - Delaware Water Gap, PA [Mile 1,148 - 1,295]

Hiking Stick

Hiking Stick